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Finding a company, product or brand name can be difficult
colname helps you find the best one

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Finding a name that stands out

A perfect company, brand or product name is one that appeals to people, makes them stop (even for a few seconds), and makes them ask themselves “What is this? ”. Poor names are easily ignored because they sound like every other name in a given business industry, but a great name bypasses this process and prepares the person to interact with the company and listen to the message, whatever it is. Many of the powerful brand names have what are called evocative names, or names that define and characterize thier brand positioning metaphorically, rather than literally.

Easy to pronounce and spell

Everyone needs to be able to pronounce and write your brand name without errors.
This way if you’re ever in a place without a business card, then you can easily share your website and know that the other person will be able to find it.

Why colname ?

colname is a collaborative tool, your collaborators, friends and or even family will be able to submit name candidates and vote for existing ones, you only have to share the link of your search table with them.
We also simplify domain name checks for you and your collaborators. For each name candidate added to your search table, colname will check if the minimal related domain name with a .com extension is available.